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During this chat, Tiliter CTO Chris Sampson will discuss what edge computing is and why it's important. Chris will do a deep dive into Tiliter's use of edge AI and edge accelerators, including;

  • Why Tiliter uses edge computing and why it's important, including looking at security, reliability and latency
  • How you should manage edge computing devices including architecture and deployment frameworks
  • Some of the challenges that are expected when implementing edge computing: deployment, hardware, networking and integrations including for enterprise, processing constraints/hardware limitations
  • Structuring your engineering and operations teams for edge computing
  • Bridging the gap between AI tech and exceptional user experiences
  • What's next for Tiliter and the AIoT market
Thank you. That will help us with our conversations at our company.
Sally Higgs

Senior Product Manager
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Great work guys! Super informative. Thanks for hosting it!
Jindou Lee
CEO & Founder


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Thursday, 16 December at 3pm (AEDT)

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Chris Sampson

Founder & CTO


Chris is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Tiliter. Chris has built Tiliter's Engineering and R & D team for the last four years, growing from a single engineer in a garage to a global technology leader, now with teams in Australia, Europe, and the USA. With a Master's Degree in Systems and Control, Chris is an expert in AI systems, algorithms and signal processing. Combined with a diverse range of software and hardware experience, having worked with everything from heavy mining equipment to human implantable electronics. Chris' blend of practical and deep technical expertise has been invaluable in developing and delivering Tiliter's products.

Twitter: @cbrSampson

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We will be building the x3 different roadmaps into our standard reporting to establish good cadence of review and update.
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Thank you for putting on such great and relatively short, hugely informative sessions.
Diana Gerbec

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As an innovation management consultant, lecturer, and Design Thinking practitioner, I found the session to be both interesting and very useful.
Eli Itin

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Angus McDonald

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Angus has over 20 years experience developing software products, bringing his skills and experience to bear across business strategy, product management and organisational practices.
Prior to Terem,  Angus was a Product Director at TechnologyOne where he was responsible for a product team and the financial performance of their ECM product. Angus has also  held senior product and technical roles at Objective Corporation, ElcomTechnology and Macquarie Bank.


Using Edge Computing to Build Artificial Intelligence of Things
with Chris Sampson, Founder & 

CTO at Tiliter