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How can new CTOs embrace management opportunities, and quickly set their teams up to succeed? Davina Adiusila is the Head of Engineering at Eucalyptus, a start-up that ideates, builds, and manages digital healthcare companies. After joining Eucalyptus as a senior engineer, Davina was fast tracked into a management role, and found herself leading a team of engineers for the first time.

Throughout her transition from an individual contributor to team leader, Davina has learned invaluable lessons about communication, expectations, and organisational change. Davina enjoys a curiosity and talent for the unique craft of leading engineering teams, and wants to share her insights into helping other engineers transition into management roles.

Thank you. That will help us with our conversations at our company.
Sally Higgs

Senior Product Manager
PageUp People

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Great work guys! Super informative. Thanks for hosting it!
Jindou Lee
CEO & Founder



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Duration: 1 hour.
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Davina Adisusila

Head of Engineering


Davina is the Head of Engineering at Eucalyptus. She originally joined Eucalyptus as a senior engineer to help launch the second brand and had an accelerated path into management as the startup grew. She’s always had a strong curiosity for the craft of leading engineering teams, and is energised by working with great people in a vibrant engineering culture. Prior to Eucalyptus she had work experience at Atlassian and Google, but was enticed by the innovative intersection between healthcare and consumer tech.


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We will be building the x3 different roadmaps into our standard reporting to establish good cadence of review and update.
Hartley Pike


Thank you for putting on such great and relatively short, hugely informative sessions.
Diana Gerbec

Product Manager

As an innovation management consultant, lecturer, and Design Thinking practitioner, I found the session to be both interesting and very useful.
Eli Itin

Senior Innovation Consultant
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Scott Middleton

CEO & Founder


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Thursday Sept 3rd - 3-4pm


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Duration: 1 hour

Scott has been involved in the launch and growth of 61+ products and has published over 120 articles and videos that have been viewed over 120,000 times. Terem’s product development and strategy arm, builds and takes clients tech products to market, while the joint venture arm focuses on building tech spinouts in partnership with market leaders.

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Managing People Whilst Managing Yourself
with Davina Adisusila, Head of Engineering at Eucalyptus